Meet Yasminah


Yasminah is a singer/songwriter based out of New York City.  At a young age her only dream was to become an entertainer - now she is well on her way to fulfilling her dreams. Creating music that mirrors her reality, She’s truly an open-book. Mastering the art of telling a story through her music, while still making you want to dance.

Born in New York but raised in North Carolina, Her music carries heavy influences from both cultures; perfectly balancing the two, Yasminah has created a unique and vibrant sound that sets her apart from the rest. Growing up in the early 90’s her world was submerged with music from both Hip-Hop and Pop cultures. Creatively, she was destined to become an artist; falling in love with music was first; falling in love with the art of songwriting was second

This star is here to push the envelope with her bold, confident approach to song writing and stellar voice. Although she is just at the beginning of her career, her insane vocal ability and creative background prove that she is not just another singer/songwriter she is the next cant-miss entertainer.